Proven Techniques for Your Herb Gardening

One of the most popular types of garden is the Landscape Design Ideas herb garden, and this is something you can start almost anywhere. Herbs have a lot of different uses stretching from their smell, to the flavor they add to various dishes, to herbal remedies for healing and there is a huge variety available to you as well. The variety of herbs you will raise will probably depend on how you wish to use them and the weather conditions you experience. Below, you will discover some suggestions that could be useful for getting your herb garden off to a good start.

With any kind of garden, the quality of your soil is important. Since the quality of your garden will be determined by soil conditions, you better be familiar with it. What you need to do with the soil will be determined by what its pH value is, so you need to find out what it is if you are using the soil from a local area.

The pH which has a scale from 1, which is acidic, to 14, which is alkaline, will tell you if your soil is alkaline or acidic and how much. Most plants will do best with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5. To get better quality for your soil, you will need to get some fertilizer to add to it. When planting herbs in pots, you might as well get the soil at your local nursery, because that would be the easiest. If you like to drink tea, you may want to start a tea herb garden. This is a garden made up of herbs that can be used in teas and there are quite a lot of those. Lots of teas both taste good and have medicinal properties and it isn't just satisfying to grow those herbs yourself but doing so can help you save quite a lot of money. If you are a tea drinker, it can be incredibly expensive to keep your cupboard stocked with different kinds of teas but growing the herbs yourself is a much cheaper route. You can choose to grow anything from a fully fledged herb garden to just growing in a couple of containers that sit on your window sill. It is all going to depend on just how much ambition you have and how much space is available. Do a little bit of research into which kinds of herbal teas that you want to keep on hand and then plant a few seeds.

Pests are something that all gardeners have to cope with at one time or another. The two main pests you will have to deal with are usually insects and larger animals that love to eat herbs. A good method to help protect your herbs is by planting a few Modern Landscape Design Melbourne of the herbs that are abhorrent to insects. Rosemary is one of the best plants to keep moths, mosquitoes, and the carrot fly at bay. Don't forget to plant some lavender. It will help protect your other herbs from moths and smells wonderful. These are just a sample of the herbs that are natural insect repellents. Learn more about them and incorporate the useful ones in your garden to control your insects. To keep out larger animals, including possibly your own pets, you may need to put a fence around your garden. These larger animals, whether domestic or wild - such as rabbits and deer - can wipe out your garden in one night.

Herb gardens can be located anywhere from your kitchen windowsill to your backyard and everywhere in between. Your reasons for planting an herb garden should be dependent on what you intend to do with them; whether it is for enhancing your meals or just appreciating the wonderful aromas they present. You now have some helpful suggestions that you can use with your herb gardening and know there is a lot more to learn.

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